Currently Reading

Dealing With Darwin – Geoffrey A. Moore
How innovation doesn’t stop after the Tornado.


Flight of The Buffalo – James A. Belasco and Ralph C. Stayer
Just as Frontiersmen found that killing the lead buffalo resulted in the herd becoming disorganized and easier to hunt, the authors recommend that modern businesses become more like geese in flight, where each goose takes its turn leading the formation and helping others in its slipstream.

The Speed of Trust – Stephen M.R. Covey
Written by the son of the Stephen Covey of 7-Habits fame, this book describes how Trust has tangible business value, and how without it the cost of doing business goes up, and common tasks take longer.


Inside The Tornado – Geoffrey A. Moore
The sequel to Crossing The Chasm, this explores in more depth how to move products beyond Early Adopters and into the lucrative Mainstream Market. Includes a useful synopsis of the broader Chasm model in the first section.

Naked Economics – Charles Whelean
An “undressed” version of the otherwise “Dismal Science” of Economics that is all around us and influences everything from political policy to product pricing.  Econ 101 for those of us that prefer humorous anecdotes to diagrams, equations and jargon.

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